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Providing Reliable Wireless Communication Solutions for government, businesses and consumers since 1987. We offer the latest satellite phones, smartphones, wireless modems and tablets from the brands you trust. Also offering the best mobile electronics solutions for your vehicle, boat or RV with installation at your home or office. When you purchase equipment from us, you can be assured that you are receiving the best equipment available with the customer service you deserve! Call us today at 949-250-7878.

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Custom Cellular offers Mercedes Approved Bluetooth phones, Mercedes Bluetooth modules, Mercedes phone charging cradles, Mercedes V60S phones, Mercedes replacement cellular handsets, repair and installation of Mercedes integrated hands free system at competitive pricing. Depending on your year and model Mercedes, Custom Cellular has an integrated Mercedes phone solution for you!

Now on Sale - Complete Mercedes Bluetooth handsfree systems utilizing steering wheel controls and radio keypad at low prices! You will not find it cheaper installed (at your home or office) than here! Order products on line at or call us today at 877-250-9019 to schedule your install. Examples of the savings are:

Mercedes Bluetooth handsfree for CLS (‘05-’08) with voice control only $1495 installed!

Mercedes Bluetooth handsfree for S Class (‘05-’06) with voice control only $1495 installed!

Mercedes Bluetooth handsfree for SL (‘05-’06) with voice control only $1595 installed!

Mercedes Bluetooth handsfree for SL (‘03-’04) with voice control only $1295 installed!

Mercedes Bluetooth handsfree for GL (‘06-’08) only $1275 installed!

Mercedes Bluetooth handsfree for E Class (‘03-’04) only $399 installed. Dealer programming maybe required

Mercedes Bluetooth for CL & S Class (‘04) only $399 installed!

Mercedes Bluetooth handsfree for CLK & SLK (‘05-’06) only $1275 installed! 

Mercedes V60 Bluetooth handsfree for select 2000-’04 only $1095 installled!

Additional Mercedes Bluetooth handsfree systems available for other Mercedes cars & SUVs. Cars not equipped with MOST fiber optic system can have Mobridge installed (see below) for same results.

Mercedes V60

Have the Mercedes V60 (left) phone installed, all you need is the Mercedes V60 Bluetooth Adapter (below) for Mercedes Bluetooth .


 Mercedes V60 Bluetooth Adapter now only $549. Limited quantities available. Order page here.

Mercedes startac & timeport

Need to upgrade your ‘99 - ‘01 Startac or Timeport equipped Mercedes to Bluetooth? Prices start at only $999 installed with all genuine Mercedes parts! Already have an integrated hands free system installed and need Bluetooth? Depending on the year of your Mercedes a simple plug in Bluetooth adapter is all you need! We know your car! Call 877-250-9019 and talk to one of our experts. Serving you since 1987!

Mercedes Startac & Mercedes Timeport can easily be upgraded to Bluetooth. Order here.

Analog to Bluetooth upgrade kits available for older Mercedes cars utilizing factory speakers and radio mute. Call today at 877-250-9019 for complete upgrade packages with new digital phones, installation and custom mounting brackets. We know your car!  Order Mercedes Bluetooth conversion here.

Benz MHI connector

SALE! Mercedes B67875878 modules (used) with manual only $135! Order here! 90 day exchange warranty at no extra charge! Hurry very limited supply.

If you have the contact plate (left) already installed in your Mercedes, then your Mercedes is equipped with the Mercedes integrated hands free system. You will need only a Mercedes Bluetooth Module or Mercedes charging cradle. Take your pick below. New or used in stock!


NEW Mercedes HFP Bluetooth B67876131 module only $449! or used HFP Module B67876131 for only $199 with 90 day  exchange warranty!


Mercedes Bluetooth for 2003-2004 E Class only $295. Mercedes Bluetooth for 2004 S Class only $295. Mercedes Bluetooth for 2004 CL Class only $295. Order here.

NEW! -MObridge Bluetooth for Mercedes with A2DP Music streaming with text display only $600 installed! Order here with or without installation. Call 877-250-9019 for more information! We know your car!

NEW - Mercedes Bluetooth with iPod Integration in one kit from MObridge! Compatible with most 2004-2009 Mercedes cars equipped with MOST fiber optics & either COMAND (nav radio) or Audio 20 & Audio 50 radios. Only $895 installed! More information located on this page here.

Mercedes Mobridge
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