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We are the Authority on Emergency Preparedness for Hospitals, Health Care Agencies & Coalitions!

U.S. Government Grant Programs can fund your satellite-based emergency communications systems! – ask us how.

Planning for emergencies is something we usually don’t do until after it happens, which is always too late. Hindsight is clearest and Globalstar is here to give you that clarity. Here is case in point. Please watch this video

Globalstar meets all Federal requirements to provide interoperable and operable communications when facing a disaster or terrorist attack, while Iridium struggles to provide simple voice and data connections. The Globalstar satellite system operates independent of regional terrestrial infrastructure. This means we work even when cell and landlines don’t, and we all know that can happen during a disaster or terrorist attack.

Interoperability is the key word in preparing for all situations. Globalstar allows you to interconnect with any other communication solution, i.e. cellular, WiFi, other MSS devices, etc., making it the most reliable platform for communications in such situations, acting as instant infrastructure. See diagram below


• Instant Infrastructure – Globalstar supplies communications in areas where existing infrastructure is outdated, insufficient, or damaged

• Independent Of Terrestrial Infrastructure – Globalstar provides redundancy in the case of terrestrial network outages. Business, recovery efforts, and communication between loved ones never has to stop when using Globalstar

• Temporary Network Solutions – For homeland security or military activities, Globalstar can often provide the only practical, short-term solution for getting necessary information in and out such as phone calls, emails or document and image sending

• Rapid Provisioning of Services – Since satellite solutions can be setup quickly using the GSP-1700 mobile satellite phone or the Globalstar Sat-Fi2, the world’s most powerful satellite hotspot, you can achieve a high level of communications rapidly without high budget expenditures

VOICE & DATA SERVICESMobile satellite devices are the most promising application of satellite services in the face of an emergency or disaster. Globalstar’s GSP-1700 and Sat-Fi are the perfect example of this, offering:

• Crystal-Clear Voice Quality – No “tunnel sound” like the competition and clarity is key when trying to coordinate rescue efforts or evacuations.

• Fastest Data Speeds – Globalstar is 4X faster than the competition, meaning critical emails, documents and images are sent and received faster with Globalstar. During emergencies, every second matters.

• Most Affordable Airtime Plans – Globalstar’s industry low airtime plans allow you to stretch your budget much further.

• U.S.- based Phone Number – When disaster strikes, dialing needs to be simple. Globalstar couldn’t be easier using the standard: 1-area code – number. Competitors use country codes.

Current interoperability solutions from Globalstar are:

GSP-1700 Mobile Satellite Phone with hotspot

• Crystal-clear voice quality, simple 10-digit dialing and a U.S.-based phone number

• Utilizes Globalstar’s fastest data speeds – 4X faster than the competition (9600 hotspot required, sold separately)

• Most affordable handset in the industry

• Buy now and get it for FREE for a limited time!

“When it came time to provide satellite service to officials of the Boston Marathon, Globalstar is who we trusted to keep everyone connected in case other forms of communications failed for any reason.” – Chris Laquidara, Director of Operations for All-Comm Technologies
FREE GSP-1700 with hot spot only $149!

Sat-Fi2 – The World’s Most Powerful Satellite Hotspot

• Use your existing Wi-Fi enabled devices to send and receive calls, emails and text messages

• Utilizes Globalstar’s fastest data speeds – 4X faster than the competition

• Crystal-clear voice quality and simple 10-digit dialing while using your existing device contacts

“We place primary reliance on Globalstar’s satellite services and expect to do so for the foreseeable future.” – Commander Francis Moore, Special Operations of Kern County, CA Sheriff Department

GSP-2900 Fixed Phone System

• Versatile fixed satellite phone system

• Utilizes Globalstar’s fastest data speeds – 4X faster than the competition

• Crystal-clear voice quality with connection for up to 5 analog phone

• Easily connects to a 12V generator or solar power system when standard 110V power goes down

“I have had a phenomenal experience with Globalstar. Their products work where and when you need them and offer excellent communication abilities.” – Robert Berger, Facility Director, Maniilaq Health Services of Alaska

GSP-2900 now only $1499 with choice of magnetic mount antenna, helix ‘stick’ antenna or marine mini-dome antenna.


Disaster Preparedness Promotions and Programs

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