Iridium Phones

Providing Reliable Wireless Communication Solutions for government, businesses and consumers since 1987. We offer the latest satellite phones, smartphones, wireless modems and tablets from the brands you trust. Also offering the best mobile electronics solutions for your vehicle, boat or RV with installation at your home or office. When you purchase equipment from us, you can be assured that you are receiving the best equipment available with the customer service you deserve! Call us today at 949-250-7878.


Whether you’re at 40,000 ft., cruising the North Atlantic, or roving through the Serengeti, Iridium has the right solutions to meet your needs. We have an extensive network of partners and developers capable of customizing your communications needs to fit any situation. Know a world without boundaries; join Iridium and experience true worldwide communications.

Satellite voice and data communications have never come in so many different flavors. Iridium offers a broad array of voice and data products. Find everything you need to equip your vehicle, aircraft, or vessel. With accessories and specialized products ranging from solar chargers to fleet tracking devices, you can be sure that your unique needs will be met.

Small, light and water resistant, the 9555 is designed to travel.The 9555 is the ideal communications option for people who work in or travel to remote locations. Take it with you on your next trip.

Handheld satellite phone that works anywhere in the world. Larger than a typical mobile phone, but still small enough to carry in a backpack. Very simple to use.  For outdoor use only. Order here.

New lower monthly post paid plans now available! Only $55.00 per month with local area code US telephone number with additional minutes at only $1.29/ minute!
Iridium  9555 rentals starting at $88 with 25 minutes of talk time included! Rent here.

Iridium 9555 Deluxe kit comes complete with battery, ac charger, car charger, ear microphone, data cable, holster, external antenna adapter with antenna, CD ROM, one year warranty. Reduced pricing  Purchase application here.

Try Iridium prepaid services on your next trip abroad. Convenient and well-priced, it’s an easy way to make sure that your phone is ready when you need it without the expense of long term contracts. Customers in seasonal industries such as commercial fishing customers will find our prepaid cards are a great way to carry on with their business while keeping costs under control. Call us today to discuss a plan that is best for your needs – wherever you may go. 877-250-9019. Order Iridium phones and accessories here.