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Providing Reliable Wireless Communication Solutions in Orange County, California for government, businesses and consumers since 1987. We offer the latest satellite phones, smartphones, wireless modems and tablets in from the brands you trust. Also offering the best mobile electronics solutions for your vehicle, boat or RV with installation at your home or office. When you purchase equipment from us, you can be assured that you are receiving the best equipment available with the customer service you deserve! Call us today at 949-250-7878.

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FREE Globalstar Phone with NO MAIL IN REBATES! Buy a GSP-1600* on any new one year plan and get the phone for FREE! Get a FREE GSP-1700** when activating on a new $99.99/ month plan! Call now at 877-250-9019 for more information. Government discounts available on airtime & hardware pricing here. Coverage maps & New rate plans starting at only $33.99/ month! UNLIMITED GLOBALSTAR AIRTIME only $149.99/ month($1800 annually). More information here. Call now to trade in your old phone for a free GSP-1700!

The Authority on Emergency Preparedness

Meeting All National Standards for Emergency and Redundant Communications

Custom Cellular Concepts has been providing reliable redundant communications to local health care facilities for over 10 years. We work closely with local and county hospitals in providing them with these required redundant communications. Our products are FEMA approved for any HPP grants you may have access too. If you are a health care agency and would like to discuss with us our hospital preparedness solutions, call us today at 949-250-7878 x 102 or visit here.

Custom Cellular’s offers Globalstar & Iridium, for satellite voice and data services. As a premier Satellite Phone Dealer, Custom Cellular is proud to offer reliable satellite phone products that help maintain productivity and keep you in contact in remote areas. Globalstar’s voice products that we offer are the GSP-1700 & GSP-2900. We also offer Globalstar fixed modems such as the GSP-2900, for voice and and the GSP-1720 fixed modems for voice and data. These specialized data modems allows you to send and or receive data communications.

The GSP-1700 satellite phone is smaller, lighter and better than the original and is now FREE – just pick a plan! Corporate discounts are always available. New Globalstar Emergency Phone and plan – which includes 40 minutes for only $39.99/ month or 480 minutes annual for $480. Order new Globalstar Emergency Phone & Plan here. Call 877-250-9019 and get more details.

As with most phones, a new phone means new accessories. Find GSP-1700 accessories here. Globalstar rentals starting at $29/ week with unlimited airtime! or $99/ month with unlimited airtime!

Download PDF purchase application here for activation or purchase. Order Globalstar phones here. Globalstar GSP-1720 data modems are available for purchase here . Globalstar’s coverage maps are here. Globalstar GSP-1700 user manual can be found here. Globalstar GSP-1700 sales brochure can be downloaded here.

Custom Cellular’s Iridium phone selection includes the new Iridium 9575. Extreme & 9555. Iridium 9505 rentals starting at $118 with 50 minutes of talk time included! Rent here.

Wherever your business takes you, we can offer reliable, dependable and affordable communications! Sat phone rentals also available. Custom Cellular has been in business since 1987, offering the best products and services at the lowest prices! When you purchase equipment from us, you can be assured that you will not only be receiving the best equipment available, but also the customer service you deserve! Call us today at 877-250-9019.

* – Free GSP-1600 requires one year plan of $39.99/ month or $480/ year or higher. ** Free GSP-1700 requires one year plan of $99.99/ month or $1200/ year or higher. Sales tax (if applicable) & shipping charges extra. $50 activation fee collected at checkout.